公司研发生产并拥有自主知识产权的中央空调冷凝器胶球清洗系统、水处理加药监控系统,以及阻垢剂、缓蚀剂、阻垢缓蚀剂、阻垢分散剂、杀菌灭藻剂、清洗剂、预膜剂、剥离剂、螯合剂等TR系列水处理药剂广泛应用于中央空调循环水水处理和冶金、 化工、电力等工业循环水水处理。


Headquartered at Guiyang Zhongguancun Economic Development Park Guizhou Province, Guizhou Terain Water Treatment and Energy-Saving Co., Ltd. was established in 2007. It is a hi-tech enterprise specializing in integration of R&D, manufacturing, sales and technical services of water treatment equipment and chemicals, and contracting of water treatment and energy saving project. 

The Company has professional water quality analysis laboratories, water treatment chemicals for static and dynamic scale and corrosion inh止)ition laboratories, as well as chemical syntheses and optimal application test laboratories, in addition to the testing platform for water treatment equipment and is developing water treatment equipment user energy consumption monitoring software and building water treatment equipment global networking monitoring data center. 

The Company has developed and possessed the proprietary intellectual property rights of A TCS for central air-conditioning condenser and online detecting and automatic chemical dosing machine, as well as other TR series of chemicals like scale inhibitor, corrosion inhibitor, scale and corrosion inhibitor, scale inhibitor and dispersant, germicide and alg心de, detergent, prefilming agent, stripper, chelator, which have been widely applied to circulating water treatment of cent「al air-conditioning condenser, metallurgic industry, chemical and power sector. 

The company has set up sales service institutions in many parts of the country. With the only solution of the central air-conditioning water treatment in China, the central air-conditioning can completely quit chemical cleaning and manual cleaning, and save the energy consumption of air conditioning operation 10%-30%.The company's business has gone out of the country, in Singapore, Pakistan, Ind旧,Dubai, Bangladesh, Iran, Russia and other places have the footprints of Terain.